Slim handheld digital radio Mototrbo™ SL4000 series








From the concierge desk to the convention centre, MOTOTRBO™ SL4000 Series keeps you instantly connected and in control. So incredibly thin and light, the SL4000 Series is the ultimate in discreet communications.

Versatile and powerful, the MOTOTRBO SL4000 Series portable radio is designed to meet the communication needs of users in the hospitality, services, security and airport industries. Weighing as little as your average smartphone, its slim design and forward-thinking features such as Intelligent Audio, integrated Bluetooth and covert mode, enhance your level of professionalism and discretion so you can provide superior customer service and faster response times.



Frequency 403 – 470 MHz (UHF)
Channel capacity 1000
Channel spacing 12,5 KHz
Battery Li-ion 1400/1800 mAh
Battery life up to 11,5 hours with 5/5/90 profile
Dimensions 55 (W) x 121 (H) x 17-20 (D) mm
Weight 153-165 gr, depends on battery installed
Package content Handheld radio, Li-Ion battery, battery charger, belt clip, antenna and user manual
Receiver and audio
Digital sensitivity (5% BER) 0,3µV
Conducted spurious emission -57dBm
Audio power 0,5W
RF Power 2W
Conducted emission -36 dBm


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