Motorola handheld TETRA radio MTP3000 series

MTP3100 : basic keypad
MTP3150 : full keypad
MTP3200 : basic keypad + GPS + Bluetooth
MTP3250 : full keypad + GPS + Bluetooth
MTP3500 : basic keypad + GPS + Bluetooth + Man Down + Vibrate alert + Crypto
MTP3550 : full keypad + GPS + Bluetooth + Man Down + Vibrate alert + Crypto



The MTP3000 Series radios are the result of more than 15 years of focus in TETRA on increasing user safety, enhancing efficiency and improving communications. The radios are packed with features which are essential for safe and effective operations, as well as significant improvements in areas such as audio and ruggedness.

The MTP3000 Series radios have all been enhanced with IP65, IP66 and IP67 for dust and water ingress protection, wideband support for 350-470 MHz and 800 MHz as well as an RFID  hardware option.


Frequency 350 – 470 MHz , 800 MHz
Audio power 2W rms (4W peak)
Battery Li-Ion 1650mAh or 2150mAh
Battery life up to 16 hours with 5/5/90 profile
Dimensions 53 (W) x 124 (H) x 33.5 (D) mm
Weight 280 gr (with 1650mAh battery and antenna)
Protection IP65/66/67
Working temperature -30°C / +60°C
RF Specs
Transmitter Power class 3L and 4
Receiver Class A and B
Receiver static sensitivy 350-470Mhz : -118dBm typical 800Mhz : -116dBm typical
Receiver dynamic sensitivy 350-470Mhz : -109dBm typical 800Mhz : -107dBm typical
Interface and services
Voice services Full Duplex, PABX, PSTN, Emergency
Position service GPS/Glonass
Display color, 132×90 pixel
Contacts Up to 1000 with 6 numbers per contact


Datasheet radio Motorola TETRA MTP3000 series