IC-A6E #33

Handheld VHF two-way radio for aeronautical use ICOM IC-A6E #33

This model has been discontinued. See the new model ICOM IC-A25NE







Simple one-handed operation is the most essential feature of the IC-A24/A6 series. The well labeled, large keypad provides user friendly operation. The display is backlit, and so is the keypad. The light stays on until you turn it off – a very handy feature for fl ying at night. The IC-A24/A6 series stores the last 10 channels used. You can easily recall those channels by pushing the “flip-flop” recall buttons on the front panel.


Frequency TX/RX : 118.000-136.9917 Mhz
Channel capacity 200 (20 channels per 10 banks)
Channel spacing 8.33/25kHz or 25kHz (depends on version)
Battery Ni-MH 1650mAh – 7.2V
Battery life up to 16 hours with 5/5/90 profile
Dimensions 54 (W) x 129.3 (H) x 35.5 (D) mm
Weight 430 gr (with battery and antenna)
Working temperature -20°C / +55°C
Transmitter and audio
RF Power (PEP/Carrier) 5.0/1.5W (25kHz/8.33kHz) 3.6/1.0W (25kHz)
Microphone impendance 100 Ohm
Output audio power 470mW (25kHz/8.33kHz version) 500mW (25kHz version)
Sensitivity COM (@ 12dB SINAD) & NAV (@ 6dB S/N) 1μV (25kHz/8.33kHz version) 0.71μV tip. (25kHz version)
Selectivity 6dB : 2.778/7.5kHz (8.33kHz/25kHz) 60dB : 7.37/25kHz (8.33kHz/25kHz)
Spurious emission 70dB


Datasheet handheld radio ICOM IC-A6E