Digital two-ways mobile radio Mototrbo™ DM4000e series

DM4400e : with 2-digit display and reduced keypad
DM4600e : LCD color display and menu keypad

You’re Completely Connected

With this dynamic evolution of MOTOTRBOTM digital two-way radios, you’re better connected, safer and more productive. The DM4000e Series is designed for the skilled professional who refuses to compromise. With high-performance integrated voice and data, and advanced features for efficient operation, these next-generation radios deliver complete connectivity to your organisation.

Here’s what’s new in these next-generation radios:

  • Bluetooth® 4.0*
  • Indoor location tracking
  • Multi-constellation Global Navigation System*
  • Integrated Wi-Fi®*
  • Over-the-air software updates*

*Available only for DM4401e and DM4601 model


Frequency 136 – 174 MHz (VHF)
403 – 470 MHz / 450 – 527 MHz (UHF)
Channel capacity 32 (DM4400e) or 1000 (DM4600e)
Channel spacing 12,5 – 20 – 25 KHz
Dimensions 175 (W) x 53 (H) x 206 (D) mm
Weight 1,8 Kg
Package content Microphone, installation support, power supply cable and user manual
Analogue Sensitivity (12dB SINAD) 0,18µV tipica
Digital Sensitivity (5% BER) 0,16µV tipica
Selettività canali 60dB a 12,5Khz / 70dB a 20/25 Khz)
Spurious Rejection 70dB
Low RF Power 1/25W (VHF e UHF)
High RF Power 25/45W (VHF) o 25/40W (UHF)
Adjacent Channel Power 60-70 dBm
Conducted/Radiated Emissions -36 dBm <1GHz, -30 dBm >1GHz
Frequency Stability ± 0.5 ppm


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