3M Peltor hearing protectors for hunting and sport shooting

Hunting and Sport Shooting – 3M PELTOR

Hunters and marksmen, both amateur and professional, all have the same basic needs – their hearing and vision are crucial for all forms of shooting. All agree that the right equipment can help them focus at critical moments. In collaboration with sports shooters, hunters, soldiers and police officers we have developed a unique, attractive range of hearing and eye protectors that not only prevent adverse heath effect but also help them easily identify their target when whether taking part in the Olympics or leisure hunting.

Products listed in this catalogue:

  • 3M Peltor™ WS SportTac™
  • 3M Peltor™ SportTac™
  • 3M Peltor™ ProTac™ II
  • 3M Peltor™ ComTac™ XP
  • 3M Peltor™ Bull’s Eye™
  • Accessories