SRtP compliant DMR radio and pager system for the new MSC Seaside


The UHF radio network designed and built for the new MSC Seaside is a system in DMR digital technology developed by Novelradio, which complies with the latest SOLAS SRtP regulations issued by IMO. The system is based on 4 DMR repeaters Motorola SLR5500  installed in two racks located in two different Fire Zones while both racks are coupled in the same network structure, which spreads the coverage of the signal through the ship with the use of radiant cable. It also includes an external antenna, which allows to extend the signal coverage of the ship, useful for example, during excursions with tenders. Each repeater allows 2 simultaneous communications, so in total up to 8 simultaneous communications can occur. The on-board staff is supplied with digital handheld Motorola DP4400. Furthermore, a Paging system is installed aloowing the beeper (pager) supplied to the crew, to receive text messages from: PCs, PABX system telephones and automatic messages related to fire alarms. Core of the Paging system consist of Phoenyx server and POCSAG transmitter that rely on the same UHF radio network.